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Bombay HC: Govt & Media Blamed Tablighi Jamaat For The Crimes They Did Not Do


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The media has been blamed by the High court of Bombay saying that the Tablighi Jamaat people were made Scapegoats and the media has made big propaganda about them. FIR against the Tablighi Jamaat people was quashed by the Bombay High court.

Bombay HC: Govt & Media Blamed Tablighi Jamaat For The Crimes They Did Not Do
  • The role of Media in creating Propaganda against the People of Tablighi Jamaat is well known to everyone.
  • The high court in Bombay has blamed media for doing Propaganda.
  • The FIR’s against the people of Tablighi Jamaat has been Quashed by the court.

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Propaganda against Tablighi Jamaat was made by Media to create Anti-Muslim hatred

Bombay high court has blamed media for creating propaganda against the Tablighi Jamaat members. The court has Quashed FIRs against the Jamaat. The Tablighi Jamaat Members have been blamed for disobedience and for spreading disease.

The members were charged with the Foreigners Act 1946 and Epidemic disease act 1897 and the Disaster Management Act 2005. The Tablighi Jamaat Members were blamed for spreading Coronavirus in India.

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Many news channels and other politicians have named the Coronavirus as Corona Jihad and Terrorist virus blaming Muslims for spreading Coronavirus. Muslims across India were attacked after this fake news was spread by media.

Many incidents took place after the media blamed Tablighi Jamaat people for the spread of Coronavirus. In Karnataka, many Hindu villagers entered a Mosque and attacked people in the Mosque blaming One elderly person for spreading Coronavirus.

Another incident took place where a Young Muslim man was beaten brutally and accused him of spreading Coronavirus. A pregnant Muslim woman in Rajasthan was not admitted to the hospital due to her being a Muslim.

The woman then delivered her child in an Ambulance but the child died. A Muslim man was beaten brutally in Jharkhand after he was blamed for spitting on the ground and spreading Coronavirus.

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Many fake videos were spread on social media, one such video was seen where media showed that Muslims were spitting on food and licking plates and spreading the virus.

The high court blamed the media for the Propaganda. The court further rejects the government’s Contention that visa provisions were violated by Tablighi Jamaat.


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