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Erdogan warns France President not to mess with Turkey


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The President of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan warns French President Emmanuel Macron not to mess with Turkey. Tayyip Erdogan accused France while giving a speech on Saturday.

Erdogan warns France President not to mess with Turkey
Адміністрація Президента України / CC BY
  • Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan warns French president due to tensions that escalated between Nato Allies.
  • The speech was given by Tayyip Erdogan on the 40th anniversary which took place on Saturday on account of the 1980 Military Coup.
  • The French president condemned Ankara over hydrocarbon resources.

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Erdogan warns French President not to mess with Turkey

Also: Pope Francis, expressed sadness after Turkey’s decision on the Hagia Sophia mosque.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday gave a speech on the 40th anniversary of the 1980 Military coup. During his speech, he warned French President Emmanuel Macron not to mess with Turkey and it’s People.

This speech was given as tensions escalated between the Nato allies. During a standoff that occurred between Greece and Cyprus and Turkey, the French President Emmanuel Macron condemned Ankara over the Hydrocarbon resources.

The US secretary Mike Pompeo said that they are concerned Due to the Operations which are carried out for natural resources by Turkey in areas where Greece and Cyprus assert Jurisdiction. He even visited Cyprus and met The president of Cyprus along with the foreign Minister.

The French President Emmanuel Macron said that the Government of Turkey has taken actions that are unacceptable and the European Nations must be clear about it.

Also: Hagia Sophia(Blue Mosque) To Be Turned InTo Mosque After 80 Years.

The tension between Turkey and other nations began when turkey deployed the vessels and warships and extended the mission. The vessels and warships have been deployed to disputed waters.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan further warned the French president stating that “You are going to have more problems with me”. He even said that the French leader Macron must-see looks at their own records instead of pointing towards turkey. He said that France intervened in Libya for Petrol and for Diamonds, gold it intervened in Africa.

The Cyprus President said that turkey has done Illegal drilling within the Cyprus Zone. He further said that the illegal activities done by Turkey must be stopped. Turkey President Tayyip Erdogan replied to the criticism on 12th September while giving a speech.


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