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He wanted to kill Muslims, ended up becoming a Muslim himself


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Ibrahim Zain Killington who was a Christian Man wanted to Kill Muslims but then he himself converted to Islam. After the incident of 9/11, he thought that he should kill many Muslims but then he converted to Islam and he himself shared the story of his conversion.

  • Ibrahim Zain Killington was a Christian before he converted to Islam.
  • He wanted to kill Muslims but then he became a Muslim.
  • He shared the story of his conversion.

He wanted to kill Muslims, now himself converted to Islam

Ibrahim Killington is from Wymondham, Norfolk. He was a British Christian before he converted to Islam. He used to drink and have fun and was along with people who had the same interest as him. He only spent his days doing all these.

His first experience with Muslims was during the incident of 9/11 and the war which took place in Afghanistan. He thought that Muslims are behind the war. He then decided to join the Army so that he can go to Afghanistan and kill all the people.

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While he was applying for the army he came across a radio station where the Life of Prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H) was being discussed. He thought that many talk evil about him yet people follow him and believe him. He then started to search about Muslims on the Internet. He shared that the first person he came to know about was Baba Ali. He really inspired Ibrahim. He then decided to read the Quran to know more about Islam.

Ibrahim then took the Quran from the College and then started to read it. As he began to read it, he then continued to read it and said that what he was reading really makes sense.

He then went to the Mosque and spent his time reading. His Mom called him to know where he was. Ibrahim told her that he was in a Mosque and her mother was surprised and told him that he is a Christian and Christians do not go to Mosque.

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Ibrahim further shared that as he read the verses and chapters of the Quran he understood about the afterlife and how he was leading his life. The story of Ibrahim is just like the story of Umar Ibn Al Khattab, who got angry and decided to kill the Prophet (P.B.U.H) but later Allah changed his heart and he became a Muslim. Ibrahim said that If one wants to know about Islam then they should visit a mosque and spend time with Muslims then only they will know what Islam actually is.


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