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Watch: Amena Khan Removes Hijab at 36. Social Media Muslim Influencer.


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Amena Khan who is considered as a social media star and Muslim Influencer has recently posted a video where she explained her decision to remove the hijab and said that this decision of her gave her peace and she was finding difficulty with the hijab.

Social Media Muslim Influencer Amena khan 36 Removes Headscarf
  • Amena khan removes the hijab.
  • She is a social media star and a Muslim Influencer.
  • She shared a video stating why she took the decision to remove her scarf.

Amena khan the social media star and Muslim influencer remove her headscarf

Amena khan the 36-year-old social media Muslim Influencer has recently made a decision to remove her hijab. She previously promoted Hijab Styles and many designs. Recently she posted a video stating why she took this decision to take off her hijab. She said in the video that it is strange to share things but she said that it is the right time to do so.

She said, she started wearing hijab at the age of 22 which was the decision made at the spur of the moment. She said that she has recently stopped wearing the hijab and she even said that not wearing a headscarf in my personal life and then wearing it for viewers who see you online is not right. She apologized if she hurt anyone then thanked everyone for being along with her on this journey.

Social Media Muslim Influencer Amena khan.

Amena said that she will always stand and support Hijabis. Her products will continue to be there for people as they love them. Other social media stars expressed their opinions and supported Amena and said that no one should be afraid to share their opinion and said that Amena is a role model for women.

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Many people supported her decision while others questioned her and asked her what will she answer to Allah (S.W.T). One said that seeing Amena without a headscarf makes them feel that the Ummah is becoming weak and there is no more strength left and said that Allah guides everyone. One more follower said that she was disappointed about the decision as Amena was the one who influenced her to wear the hijab.

One follower said that Allah has sent everyone to do good and this Duniya is not permanent and said that Allah guides you to the right path. Many said that as she is the one who is being followed by others she is doing a sin as she is sharing about it with others. Others said that it’s Her retinal choice and she need not explain it to others about the decisions she has taken in life and only Allah is the one who knows who is right.


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