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Alex, Class 9 Student Convert To Islam.


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Alex a 9th grader converted to Islam. He got to know about Islam from Leena who is a classmate of Alex. She helped him to find answers to his questions. He did a deep study about the religion by visiting Mosque and getting to know more about the religion.

Alex, Class 9 Student Convert To Islam.
  • A 9th Class student converted to Islam.
  • He got help from his classmate named Leena for knowing more about the religion.
  • He found the answers to his questions when he visited the mosque.

A 9th Grader Converted to Islam.

Alex who is in 9th Grade Questioned her classmate Leena about Islam and she said to him that she does not know the answer to his questions and she said that he can find the answers to his questions in Mosque.

He then went to the mosque and talked with the Imam. He found answers to his questions.

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After studying religion decided to convert to Islam. He was introduced in the Masjid in front of everyone as the one who is going to convert to Islam. He then took Shahadah and converted to Islam. Shahadah is a declaration of faith that there is no god but Allah and Mohammed is the messenger of Allah.

The imam said Alex that his name is mentioned in the Quran as Alexander and Allah guided Alexander and gave him light in front of his army to push forward the empire of faith among the believers and may Allah show Alex a guiding light throughout his life.

The imam then said Alex that when a person converts his sins are washed away and he becomes like a newborn baby. It is like he is just born and free conversion to Islam he is like a newborn baby with a clean slate.

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The imam then said to him that Allah guides you to the right path and congratulated him. He is just in the 9th standard and was guided towards faith by a classmate.

One can influence others by the way a person lives. As Islam is the way of life, people often get inspired by the way of life of others and it motivates them towards Islam.


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