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What Made Arabs speak out against Islamophobia in India.


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Many Arabs are speaking for Muslims in India as they are blamed for spreading Coronavirus in India. Many Arabs through their social media expressed anger against the hate towards Muslims in India.

What Made Arabs speak out against Islamophobia in India.
  • Arabs are angry over the hate towards Muslims in India.
  • Muslims in India are blamed for spreading Coronavirus.
  • Many Arabs spoke against the hate against Muslims and expressed their anger through social media.

Arabs speaking up for Muslims in India.

Muslims in India has been accused of spreading Coronavirus and Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the Kuwait government and UAE’s royal princess has spoken against the hate towards Muslims in India.

From the past few days, Many Arabs took to their social media to express their anger against the Hate Which was facing my Muslims in India.

Also: Delhi Tablighi Markaz: We Did Not Violate Law, Was Forced To Accommodate Visitors Due To Sudden Lockdown In Country.

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi said through his tweet that COVID-19 does not see race or religion.

Muslims in India have been accused of spreading Coronavirus when many cases of Coronavirus were reported from people who attended the Tablighi Jamaat.

Tablighi Jamaat was held in New Delhi. After many such cases were detected people through social media expressed hate towards Muslims.

They even trended the hashtag #CoronaJihad and said that Jamat must be banned.

As per the reports out of 15,000 Coronavirus cases, 4,000 cases were linked with the Tablighi Jamaat which was reported by India’s Ministry of Home affairs.

The Chief of Tablighi Jamaat has been charged. After this People on social media passed Islamophobic comments. Hindus who stay in Gulf countries blamed Muslims in India for spreading the Virus.

Saurabh Upadhyay who stays in Dubai said that Muslims should accept that they are responsible for spreading Coronavirus. He later deleted the tweet when Muslims from India and Gulf questioned him.

A political science teacher who teaches In the Gulf studies program at Qatar University said that the hate shocked people all around the world.

Also: Fake Video Was Shared On Social Media, Claiming Muslims Are Licking Plates And Spoons To Spread Coronavirus.

The UAE’s princess Hend Al Qassimi said that those Indians who are staying in Gulf and are racist will be made to leave UAE and will be fined. A total 6 Hindus who stay in UAE has lost their jobs due to the same reason or being racist.

Princess Al Qassimi said that the world needs Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela or Gandhi and not Hitler.

Many Indians stay in Gulf countries and most of them are Hindus, but they do not face any discrimination from the people or country of Gulf.


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