HomeNewsThe UK's first Muslim Pride festival to be held this year.

The UK’s first Muslim Pride festival to be held this year.


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The LGBTQI charity has been able to raise £10,000 and the UK will have its first pride festival and it has been said that Islamophobia will not stop them. The event will take place in London this year.

The UK's first Muslim Pride festival to be held this year.
  • The UK will have its first Muslim pride festival this year.
  • The LGBTQI charity has been able to raise £10,563.

The first Muslim Pride festival will be held in the UK this year.

Europe’s biggest Charity has supported LGBTQI Muslims and a pride event will be held in London. After the announcement has been made about the event the Charity has to face negative comments. After being targeted by people the people have posted hashtag that Islamophobia will not stop them.

Also: In UK BBC broadcasted Muslim call to prayer Azaan on Channel4 every morning throughout Ramadan.

Many people came forward to support them. Many praised them and said that they wish them all the best.  Few said that they won’t be able to attend the event as they stay far away from the place of the event but praised the people.

The Muslim Pride charity named Imaan was found in the year 1999 and they will celebrate the 20th century.  The Community said how they faced Islamophobic comments and said that the event will help LGBTQI Muslims to speak up for their sexuality. The event will help the next generations to open about LGBT Even though they are Muslims as stated by the organization.  

After receiving negative comments about the event many people praised the event and came forward to support the event. The event has been stated as an Incredible event as it is the first Muslim pride festival that was being held in the UK.

Also: Pregnant UP Woman Died in Ambulance After Searching For Hospitals For 13 Hours.

Imaan fest received recognition and appreciation after successfully raising £10,000. The event will give the opportunity to many Muslim LGBTQ to speak for their rights and have a conversation about themselves and what they feel with the world. In the year 2019, the Imaan has celebrated its 20th Anniversary and many members were seen at the pride fest.


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