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Delay in Rescuing Trapped Workers in Uttarakhand Tunnel


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In Uttarakhand, India, 41 workers have been trapped in a tunnel for 12 days after a landslide caused a collapse. Rescue efforts have been hindered due to problems with a US-made drilling machine. The machine is crucial for creating an escape route, but has faced multiple breakdowns. Despite these challenges, the workers have been receiving essential supplies like oxygen, food, and water.


Key Points:

  • 41 workers trapped for 12 days in Uttarakhand tunnel after a landslide.
  • Drilling machine malfunction delays rescue operations.
  • Workers have been receiving oxygen, food, and water.
  • Technical glitch with the drilling platform requires repair.
  • Plan to create a micro-tunnel for the workers’ evacuation.
  • Challenges include rocks, stones, and metal in the debris.
  • Rescue efforts are complicated and without a clear timeline.

Rescue operations in Uttarakhand, India, are ongoing to save 41 workers trapped inside a tunnel for the past 12 days. The workers got stuck after part of the 4.5km Silkyara tunnel collapsed due to a landslide.

Efforts to create an escape route have been repeatedly delayed because of issues with a US-made drilling machine. This machine is essential for drilling through a 60-meter debris wall blocking the exit.

Despite the challenges, the trapped workers have maintained contact with rescuers and are receiving oxygen, food, and water. The rescuers are attempting to create a micro-tunnel using multiple pipes of varying widths through the debris.

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The plan involves extracting the workers on stretchers through these pipes. However, the presence of rocks, stones, and metal within the debris complicates the operation.

The rescue operation has encountered several setbacks, including encountering a thick metal rod and the drilling machine breaking down multiple times. Rescuers have managed to drill through a significant portion of the debris, but the timeline for completing the rescue is uncertain due to the operation’s complexity.

Authorities are on high alert, with ambulances ready to transport the workers to a nearby hospital as soon as they are rescued. The rescue mission has become a race against time in the mountainous region, known for landslides and earthquakes.

The entire nation is closely following the rescue efforts, hoping for the safe return of the trapped workers.


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