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Deadly Earthquake in Nepal: Rescuers Search for Survivors


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Nepal has been hit by its worst earthquake in eight years, killing at least 157 people. Rescuers are now searching for any survivors in the ruins of collapsed buildings


Key Points:

  • A big earthquake hit Nepal, and many buildings fell down.
  • At least 157 people died, and many might be hurt.
  • The earthquake was not very big, but the buildings were weak and people were sleeping.
  • It’s hard for rescuers to get to some places because of landslides.
  • Since 2015, this earthquake has been the worst to hit Nepal.

Nepal had a really bad earthquake late on Friday night that made buildings fall down and killed at least 157 people. The earthquake happened in Jajarkot, which is in the mountains.

Even though the earthquake wasn’t super big, a lot of people died because the houses weren’t built very strong and it was night, so people were at home and sleeping.

Rescuers are trying to help find people who might still be alive under the broken houses. They are using their hands to move the pieces of the houses because they don’t have big machines.

The rescuers have to be careful because the roads are blocked by dirt and rocks that fell down the hills. They are asking for helicopters to help get to places they can’t drive to.

Officials are worried that more people might have died or gotten hurt.They’re working to help everyone as fast as they can. Some people in Nepal are really scared because the ground is still shaking sometimes.

This earthquake is really bad for Nepal. The last time they had such a big earthquake was in 2015 when a lot of people died and many houses were destroyed. That earthquake also broke a lot of old temples and it cost a lot of money for the country.

Now, the government and helpers are doing all they can to help the people who have been hurt by this new earthquake. They are also trying to make sure people have places to sleep and enough food because their houses are gone.


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