A blast at the Bangladesh Mosque which took place on 4th September kills 29 people. The blast took place when the evening prayer was going On Friday. The blast took place due to a gas explosion stated the police.

  • Gas Explosion Which happened on 4th September lead to the death of 29 people.
  • The explosion happened when the Evening prayer on Friday took place.
  • Many people suffered burns and are still fighting for their life.

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A gas explosion took place on 4th September in Dhaka Mosque, Bangladesh. The mosque was filled with worshippers when the gas explosion happened. The explosion happened during the evening prayers on Friday was going on. Police reported that a total of 45 people were injured due to an explosion.

The Explosion happened during a spark from the air conditioner,  as stated by the investigators. The gas leaked and it entered the Mosque followed by an electric spark which leads to the Explosion said the Narayanganj fire Chief Abdullah. A total of 37 people were taken to specialist burns hospitals in Dhaka and 16 people were dead.

The hospital said that the other 21 people at the hospital are in critical condition and they experienced severe burns. When the people were asked about the incident they said that there was a gas leak and they were able to smell it.

The recent reports stated that a total of 29 people are dead and the other 5 people are serious. The people are being operated at the Sheikh Hasina National Institute of Burn and Plastic surgery. The doctors said that the air ducts of the victims are burnt and the condition of victims is very critical. A total of 6 Air conditioners exploded which lead to this horrific incident.

Out of all the people admitted to the hospital only one person named Mamun Prodhan was able to return to his house. The people who are dead in this explosion are reported to be the Imam of the Mosque and his son. The treasurer of the mosque is also reported to be among those people who died in the explosion.

The gas leaked and was accumulated which was being smelled by the people who were offering the prayers there at the mosques but the short circuit leads to the explosion which killed many people and many were injured. The police said that the people had experienced 60 to 70 % burns and are in critical condition.


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