Saudi Arabia Using Thermal Drone To Detect Body Temperature Of Its Citizens: COVID-19.


Saudi Arabia started the use of Drones to check people’s temperature who are in markets so that they control the spread of Coronavirus. This measure is first used in Medina to check the temperature. It can check up to 24 people per second.

Saudi Arabia Using Thermal Drone To Detect Body Temperature Of Its Citizens: COVID-19.
  • Saudi Arabia used Drone for the first time to check temperatures in open spaces.
  • It was used in Medina to monitor people who enter the markets.
  • This measure was taken to control Coronavirus.

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Thermal Drones New Way To Monitor Body Temperature In Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has been adopting various measures to fight against Coronavirus. The recent measure which has been adopted by Saudi Arabia was the use of Drones to check body temperatures. The people who are in markets and open spaces can be operated through Thermal cameras.

As per the reports stated by Saudi Arabia press agency the drones have cameras that are operating on artificial intelligence. These cameras can be used to check the temperature of 24 people per second.

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If any person has high temperature they will not be allowed to enter the market and they will be ordered to consult the doctor.

Saudi Arabia has used this method to stop the spread of Coronavirus. The Kingdom has imposed 24 hours curfew in Mecca, Medina, Jeddah, and Riyadh.

The order has been given to follow the measures and those who do not follow the orders, strict action will be taken against them.

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Saudi Arabia has reported 1,453 cases of Coronavirus and 8 people have been dead. Free treatment is being provided to people who are affected by Coronavirus.

These measures are taken by Saudi Arabia along with other measures like Ordering people to offer salah at the houses, Closing the gates of holy Mosques, restrictions on visas, 24 hours curfew, Lockdown particularly in Industrial areas, etc. has been followed in Saudi Arabia to stop the spread of the virus.


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