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Saudi Arabia allows women to perform Hajj without a Mahram.


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Women are now allowed to register for Hajj without a Mahram (male guardian), announced by the Saudi Arabian Ministry during Hajj 2021.

Saudi Arabia allows women to perform Hajj without a Mahram.
  • Women can now perform the Hajj pilgrimage without a male guardian, Saudi Arabia allows.
  • People could register for Hajj online, Ministry announced.
  • Hajj registration for this year starts from 1.p.m on Sunday till 10.p.m on 23rd June.
  • Ministry said registering for Hajj doesn’t mean final hajj granted, permit will be issued only after an application found to meet all the conditions.

Women allowed to perform Hajj without Mahram, Saudi Arabia announced.

Women are now allowed to perform Hajj 2021 without a Mahram (male guardian) Saudi Arabian Ministry made an important announcement on Monday.

The Ministry announced that people interested could register for Hajj online. They issued registration guidelines for Hajj pilgrims which include women can register an individual to perform Hajj without a male guardian and could do so with other women.

Hajj pilgrimage registration for this year initiates from 1.p.m on Sunday to 10.p.m on the 23rd of June. Priority will not be given to early applicants. This year’s pilgrimage is limited only to the domestic residents the Ministry announced before.

According to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, the pilgrims will be moved to Mecca by bus, with 20 pilgrims maximum.

Three meals per day will be given to the pilgrims in Mina, and when they will be in Arafat they will be getting two meals per day(breakfast/lunch). Dinner will be given to them in Muzdalifah. Other food beverages are also available, but the food outside from Mecca is not allowed brought by the pilgrims.

The Hajj registrations will get a permit only after the application is found to meet all the conditions which are the pilgrims must have health information and provide personal details. The applicant’s covid-19 status will be ensured, like the applicant such as fully immune, vaccinated with at least first dose.

The registration for Hajj did not mean that the final Hajj had been granted. All the applicants must meet all requirements mandatory to get the permit. Priority will be given to the people who have never performed Hajj before.



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