Imam of nearby Mosque in Bihar’s Banka killed in massive explosion at madrasa.


A massive explosion tore down the building of Madrasa in the Banka district of Bihar on Tuesday morning, killing the Imam of nearby Mosque. The Imam was the only person who was inside the Mosque at the time of the explosion. It even damaged the other houses in the locality.

massive explosion at madrasa
  • Blast inside the Madrasa in Bihar’s Banka district kills Imam of nearby Mosque.
  • It is not clear yet if the Imam was killed in the blast or was buried alive in the debris.
  • The Mosque and Madrasa were shut down on the 5th of may due to the covid-19 lockdown.
  • The imam was the only person inside the mosque when the massive explosion happened.

Bihar: Imam killed in massive explosion.

According to the senior police officer, the massive explosion had destroyed the building of the madrasa(seminary) and nearby Mosque which was happened on Tuesday at 8 am. It also damaged the neighboring houses in Bihar’s Banka district.

The superintendent of Police Arvind Kumar Gupta said the blast took place at the complex of Nautolia locality, pulling down the major portion of the madrasa. The gates were locked as it was closed amidst the covid-19 lockdown. Only the imam was inside the mosque.

The police team opened the padlock gates of the mosque and entered the premises where they found a mound of debris from the massive explosion in the madrasa and mosque. 

Nobody was found inside and no one in the neighborhood was providing any helpful information, a team of forensic experts was called for assistance.

Gupta said they began to start hearing reports that imam sahib is injured in the afternoon. His men were sent to the spot but still, nobody had an idea where the cleric was. Inquiries made at the local hospitals were of no use.

In the evening we got the report that imam sahib’s body identified as Abdul Sattar Mubin (33) was found near the area of the explosion. We rushed to the spot right away and the body was taken into custody, he said.

The body was marked with injuries and it is still not confirmed whether the explosion killed him or the debris buried him alive.

Both the madrasa(seminary) and the mosque were closed for a long because of the covid-19 lockdown which was imposed in Bihar a month ago.

Further investigation to the cleric, who was a resident of Deoghar district in adjoining Jharkhand was continuing and efforts were being made to trace the members of the managing committee of the mosque for more information.    


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