Dutch Traveler, Convert To Islam After Finding Soulmate In Indonesia, Traveled 61 Countries.


Dutch Traveler from Netherland named Michael converted to Islam after he married Adin Lubis from Indonesia. Michael who loves traveling decided to stay with a local Muslim family and that is how his journey began.

Dutch Traveler, Convert To Islam After Finding Soulmate In Indonesia.
  • Dutch traveler Michael Converted to Islam.
  • He married Indonesian Girl Named Adin Lubis.
  • Michael said that the Muslim families and their culture is what inspired him a lot.

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Dutch traveler Converted to Islam.

Michael who is from Dutch is a traveler. He married and Indonesian Girl Adin Lubis and converted to Islam. Being a traveler Michael contacted Adin on social Media and she invited him to visit Indonesia and stay with her family in the holy month of Ramadan.

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Michael planned to stay in Medan, Indonesia for 3 days but he stayed there for 3 weeks. Michael traveled to more than 60 countries and he always stayed with the people to know more about their culture and never stayed at the hotels.

Michael said that in Indonesia many of the families were Muslims and they shared their culture with him but they never forced Michael to convert to Islam and this is what inspired Michael. The people focused more on sharing their culture with Michael.

Michael took Classes Which Shared about Islam and what Islam actually is And his teachers never forced him to convert rather they always shared with him more about Islam and their Culture.

Michael converted to Islam after knowing more about religion and the Quran. He attended several classes And then decided to convert to Islam. He said that Converting to Islam will be the right thing.

Michael married Adin Lubis and they both teach each other about their cultures. He says that their Nationalities and skin color do not come in between their relation. He further said that coming from different cultures helps them to know more about each other’s culture.

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Michael and Adin Lubis are now happily married couples and often travel to different places. They both live in Belgium and Are happy and proud Muslims. It is believed that people from different cultures cannot adjust and there will be a lot of problems.

But Michael and Adin Lubis are living a happy life even after coming from two different cultures. They are true influencers and are showing people that skin color and nationalities don’t matter, what matters is the person you are marrying.

Michael and Adin post their pictures on Instagram and shares their experiences with the world.


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